Zach Garlock / CarcinLoring / #SaveOurSisk henchman / former Raytheon employee and pretend social justice warrior

you can run on, for a long time

The identity of another #SaveOurSisk henchman has been revealed. For months, “Carcin Loring” has been clout farming in the furry fandom by loudly making apologies for name running interference for convicted sex offender Joshua Barney, aka “Siskmarek.”

We believe that #SaveOurSisk doubles over as a grooming ring of 20 and 30-something males who encourage teenage boys to become ‘transgender,’ mostly for the former’s sexual desires. More on that here: 'SaveOurSisk' Apologist Discord Server plagued with Accusations of Child Grooming

Now onto Carcin.

Carcin has done this, mostly, in the form of stumping for the removal of the sex offender registry, and the “all cops are bastards” meme. He also leads efforts to threaten and slander anyone on social media questioning the “Sisk is innocent” narrative. This includes a gigantic public spat with Dogpatch
(See Dogpatch blows up at SaveOurSisk grooming group), as well as threatening to kill Blumiere.


His identity has been found. His real name is Zach Garlock, living in Denver, CO. Although he is married to his newly-transgendered sex offender ‘wife,’ he has not yet moved to Phoenix where Barney lives.

DJ Carcin is Zach Garlock

Garlock has several close family members in law enforcement, and his failure to get a national security clearance in 201, as well as a divorce with his wife, most likely led to him becoming a social justice clout farmer.

The NSA appeared to believe Garlock was lying about history of drug use.

Since the divorce of his wife, whose info I will not post, Garlock has become a born again social justice warrior. During which, he was working for military defense contractor Raytheon, allegedly to pay for his “ex wife’s insulin.” (Yeah right)


His attachment to Joshua Barney, despite not moving in with him, is likely to clout farm and get more fame as an SJW.

There seriously is something very wrong with Denver area furries.

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Something you want to tell us, Zach?

Carcinogen Loring is having a meltdown on Twitter over leftist anger at his comments, and his upper middle class snobbish arrogance in general

Carcinogen is bothered by this thread against him, now trying to convince people that the info I found on him was some big honeypot that he made to fool people.

Really. I wonder why I was able to trace Carcins info to the voting rolls and find the exact same name. Must be some big coincidence.


Oh really? I found your name and address via voting rolls, numb nuts. I highly doubt you are still living with your parents. I’m not doxing your dad. Nice empty threat, though. I actually know what is and isn’t legal and am not nearly as stupid as Foxler or Connor Goodwolf.