(Yet) another zoosadist pedophile welcomed to the Furry Raiders

Yet another zoosadist has been welcomed into the Furry Raiders by Lee Miller (aka Foxler). In a continued attempt to normalize pedophilia and zoophilia among furries, Foxler brought in Tuskyn Wolf, aka WolfyDNA, who was caught in the official Zoosadist Leaks last year, that WolfyDNA stated he was into “RLC,” or ‘real life cub.’ In other words, underage pornography.

A look into Tuskyn’s accounts confirms this much.

This is yet another piece on a mountain of evidence that Lee Miller (Foxler) is using the Furry Raiders as a vehicle to organize pedophiles and zoophiles in the furry fandom, and use the group to launder legitimacy for these people.

For more information on Tuskyn/Wolfy DNA, check the Zoosadist Evidence channel.

If you have more information on Tuskyn/WolfyDNA, please DM me here or on Telegram.

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