Uncle Kage found in photo with notorious zoophile Crusader Cat

Well lookie here. Uncle Kage taking an opportune photo op with Crusader Cat, also known as ‘Crusader Cat Rapist,’ a New Jersey furry who raped his declawed cats repeatedly and is now a member of the Furry Raiders.

Crusader Cat us the author of a confession, ‘Thou Shalt Not Yiff,’ where he explains his transgressions, which are both widely-known and notorious in the furry fandom.

He quickly went from masturbating with cats on his chest, a strange but innocuous habit, to full blown cat rape.



Literally everyone in the fandom knows about Crusader Cat. He even has an Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Plus, we already know that Kage refuses to do photo ops with several furs, including Magnus Diridian, the confederate furry fursuiter. Heck, Magnus can’t even get in the fursuit parade without staff following him around with a bed sheet. Yet, Crusader Cat Rapist not only gets a pass, but Kage gladly appears in photo ops with this sick individual. Really have to wonder what the hell he is thinking

One thing is for sure here, however…

Actually I didn’t know but I’ve been out of the loop for decades thanks to certain popular entertainer furs.