There's a Minor in the Furry Raiders. Jolt Squirrel Doesn't Care

What will come as a surprise to absolutely no one paying attention, minors are still secretly being allowed into the Furry Raiders grooming Telegram.

Over the years several Furry Raider admins have tried to play innocent about this, claim that they themselves are against it or are clean. Jolt Squirrel has been one of them, but the following exchange proves that Jolt very much understands minors are in the chat. He is on board with it and doesn’t care. Unless, of course, he gets caught.

Recently, someone in New Zealand by the name of ‘Axyl’ got pulled into the Furry Raiders. The fact that he was underage came to the attention of one of my sources.

The source, rightly concerned about this, took the issue up with Jolt Squirrel on October 14th.

You can see in this conversation he proves to Jolt that this Axyl person is sixteen, and that the Raiders “officially” have a policy of eighteen and up. When the source proves to Jolt that Axyl is sixteen, Jolt simply stops responding and ghosts my source.

The source then came to me about it, and asked me a couple times to post something about it, but I believed he should give Jolt a chance to do something about it first.

We waited three weeks, partially to give Jolt a chance to do the right thing, and partly because I have a backlog of articles and other projects going on. When it became clear to me that Jolt didn’t care that sixteen year olds are in the Raiders, I got fed up and messaged Jolt myself

What happened next was a flimsy attempt by Jolt to cover up. I sent the message to him on November 5th and Axyl was suddenly kicked out. I noticed this and Jolt said he “needed to confirm” the tip. As if by magic, as soon as it was clear that DissidentFurs noticed that Jolt was covering up from Foxler, Jolt was able to “comfirm” the tip.

Keep it real Jolt: The truth is you don’t care if minors are flirting around in your chat because that’s just what your loser “boss” Foxler wants. You may have the Crucifix in your profile, but you aren’t living anything close to an obedient life, not by a country mile.

Hi, this is actually Axyl here haha, I have known about the Furry Raiders for years and some of the members are pretty aligned with my political ideology, the guy who leaked the shit was Thopter, I am still in the chats under an alt and was considered for a moderator position a while back, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this “journalism”