Texas Furry Fiesta BANS registered sex offenders!

Another step in the right direction. Texas Furry Fiesta, the fur con based in Dallas, has banned all registered sex offenders from its family friendly event. Of course, this means the pedophiles that the SJWs in this fandom typically cover for (see articles on Growly and Sisk) will be shut out of yet another convention.

We know there is still a lot of questionable things going on at these cons: Typically furcons are where existing rings meet up with teenage boys they have been grooming online. There is much more work to be done for sure, but this is one avenue where we can contact hotel corporations hosting these events and have them force the reluctant cons to change their rules. Such actions have already had limited success at BLFC and Anthrocon, both of which were forced to quietly cancel Growlys panel and ask him not to attend, respectively.

For more announcements and organized action against the pedo rings, check out our cool, not-twinky telegram chat.

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