Terry the Lionheart: Meet the mystery fur in Foxler's Cub Sex Art (graphic warning.)

The Furry fandom has lately been subjected to depictions furry child sex art from Foxler, and while many may have seen this as another round of “trolling,” there’s actually quite a bit more to the story.

Many would question the wisdom of posting art of his furry character in a sex act with a child-aged furry character, or “cub,” in the midst of being on trial for child enticement. Even stranger, while Foxler himself makes tweets of this ‘cub’ art, he does not identify who the third person in the art is.

Before showing an example, please do have eye bleach handy.


In his above tweet, Foxler hints that he is now in some kind of polyamorous relationship, which is the source of the ‘cub’ art, and yet there’s no mention of who this person is.

After some research and querying various sources, I found that husky character in question is, in fact, a furry by the name of Terry Lionheart. Depictions of his character on Twitter should confirm it.

Archived link to Terry’s twitter account


Terry is also an artist in his own right. This picture was taken from his Twitter account. Not only is that obviously the same character, but it’s also the same art style. In other words, not only is Terry the mystery man in Foxler’s cub art, but he is also the mystery artist who keeps making this disgusting crap.

It’s fairly safe to assume that Terry Lionheart’s relationship with Foxler and Kody is limited to roleplay, as this real life furry actually lives in Sweden according to his Twitter. There is also no trace of his character’s cub sex art with Foxler or Kody on his Twitter page, despite the account being labelled NSFW. Perhaps he is trying to keep his association with the Raiders off his main page. This despite him being a Furry Raider admin.

He is a real life fur suiter as well.

The 'Design Officer’

A major pet peeve of Foxler’s over the last few months is people leaving the Raiders due to being associated with him. Foxler has gotten particularly upset when this happens with artists (see the Goldfish Goddess blow up).

My guess is Terry was one of the few artists in the fandom willing to do this kind of shit for Foxler. True or not, Foxler has deemed the ‘mystery’ cub artist the ‘Design Officer’ of the Furry Raiders. His Telegram contact is @TerryLH. I doubt Terry wants you to contact him.