Sisk Husband: "Alt Furry Shut Down Our Patreon!"

Alt Furry did it!

Registered sex offender furry Siskmarek, aka Joshua Barney, just had his Patreon taken down and his ‘genderfluid’ furry husband is screaming about it on Twitter.

Sisk, who it seems is allergic to work, has made a living off convincing hundreds of furries to finance his lifestyle via Patreon since he got out of prison in Arizona. That all came to an end last week when Patreon finally took down Sisk’s grifting scheme. His husband, now known on Twitter as ‘Grey,’ is having a temper tantrum on Twitter, in which he blames Alt Furry for his misfortune and proceeds to send vague threats.

What a pity that Sisk and ‘Grey’ lost everything. It appears Grey is back to doing what he does best; milking the furryverse for money by telling sob stories and exaggerating their suffering. This is not the first time he has done this by any means

Grey blames Alt Furry as the primary instigator of the Patreon shut down, but apparently there are also rogue cops and even leftists who joined in league with the terrible alt furs. The latter reference, by the way, is most likely related to Dogpatch, who viciously turned on Sisk a couple years ago.

Finally, Grey ends his rant with vague threats against Alt Furry. He has a track record of this as well, just less than two years ago he threatened to kill Blumiere.

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