#SaveOurSisk Moves Their Scheme To Ko-Fi

After being kicked off of Patreon for misleading people, Carcin or “Grey”, Sisk’s ‘husband,’ has moved his grifting scheme to Ko-Fi, and has set up an account under his name from which people pay for Sisk’s art. It seems like now, Sisk isn’t even getting the money for the donations, and Grey is now boasting about it on Twitter.

Patreon Wiped

Amazingly, Carcin admits to ‘verifying’ the new Ko-Fi with his own ID. Chances are, if he is verifying the finances with his own name, the money isn’t going to Sisk’s account.

Carcin Fake account

For those who decide to report their concerns, go to ko-fi/com/tailpoof , at the bottom right hand side of the page there is an option to ‘REPORT.’

Be sure to include the archive version of ‘Grey’s’ tweet where he admits he verified the account with his info.

archive of the tweet: https://archive.is/5cvu2