'SaveOurSisk' Apologist Discord Server plagued with Accusations of Child Grooming


SaveOurSisk people are some of the worst in this fandom. Some years ago, a furry named Siskmarek pled guilty attempted exploitation of a minor, and a PR group has been trying to rehabilitate his image with a ‘SaveOurSisk’ hashtag. This has included some very questionable things, but that can be covered at a later date or later on in this thread. For now, it’s sufficient to say that Siskmarek is a convicted pedophile on the sex offender registry. And there are people running PR for him.

Prominent among these is ‘Aark,’ or ScarfDragon, who uses his Twitter account to troll and harrass people. A couple weeks ago that came to an end.

Another SaveOurSisk toadie delivered the bad news. CarcinLoring also took the opportunity to hawk their ‘social server’ on Discord, a place which seems to be where the SaveOurSisk people seem to congregate.

For those keeping score, this is an “LGBTQ-friendly” server, run by people whose uniting cause is rehabilitating the public image of a convicted pedophile.

And surprise surprise, it has had a problem of underage grooming. ScarfDragon attempted to cover the grooming up on behalf of his friend ‘Dicky,’ who was apparently up to some shenanigans with a Furry on Twitter (and Discord) who goes by ‘Defaultish.’ It isn’t clear exactly what happened, and Defaultish has since deleted his tweet on the matter, but it was preserved on a furry YouTube drama show. Here are the screenshots.

Source: http://archive.is/N2HIg

Apparently this alleged grooming happened in Scarf’s Discord, because in it he goes on a long tirade where he 1) admits that he knows what Dicky was doing and 2) that it was “wrong.” He goes on to implore Defaultish and everyone else to simply not talk about the incident, lest another situation happen where someone gets put in jail for trying to have sex with a minor.

Source: Same YouTube channel as above

While we still don’t know exactly what has happened in the “LGBT-friendly” server run by prominent SaveOurSisk people, we do know that something inappropriate happened with a minor, and that the head admin Scarf ‘knows it is wrong.’ What else is going on in this server? I sure would like to know, and I invite anyone present in that server to please come forward.

Scarf is back on Twitter


Scarf has since come back on Twitter on a ban evading account. By the look of this tweet, ‘CasualFennec,’ or @FENNERGY on Twitter, a previously centrist furry who went full SJW in 2017, is also intimately involved in this questionable server.

More updates as they become available.

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