Regarding 'Jason' of Fandom Hell

It has been brought to my attention that here were some rumors swirling around about a regular member of our chat rooming with a notorious zoophile.


This spread alarm among the admin team, and caused me to dig deeper into the matter. After researching the source of these claims, I cannot at this time find any evidence of Jason’s roommate being a zoophile. I did find some offbeat stuff that I find credible, but Jason is an adult and I’m not going to ban someone from our community for being a little offbeat.

Furthermore, upon researching these claims I found the source of it may be from a total train wreck of a zoophile who was upset at Jason for exposing him and is likely making false claims out of a desire for revenge.

This person went through a lot of trouble to dox Jason, yet never provided any proof, or court case, for his roommates alleged “conviction” for beastiality. If time permits, Dissident Furs may expose this person.

In the meantime, I am allowing Jason to be a part of our community. If you have any questions just talk to me on Telegram.