On MightyRedWolf

Due to recent revelations, many have been asking me about Mighty Red Wolf as of late and the extent of relations I had with him.

Allow me to chronicle them for you here. I partner with many furries in right wing spaces, which includes sharing info, signal boosting and my personal friendship as something of a courtesy.

However, I decided to draw down any partnership with Red starting last October (2022) when Red started attacking several friends of mine for what I saw as cynical reasons. Not wanting to take sides in interpersonal drama, I continued being in his chat and listing his chat in my periodical community index.

That listing ended in April when Red effectively refused to remove Furry Raiders from his chat. I removrd his chat from my community list in April. Since then I was simply in his chat to distribute content and headlines. We had no real relationship, by then.

Even that ended recently due to some of the things uncovered, and due to personal threats on my life from him. Mighty Red is banned from all chats I operate, and I will no longer be in any chats of his.

If this is not good enough for some of you, I will say that I waited until the claims against him were reasonably believable. In the past, I have had people cut ties with me due to scurrilous claims, and I therefore afford everyone, including Red, the same courtesy which I would expect from them.

I stand by my own philosophy of community management in the fandom of being lenient with others and slow to upset. Years of this has tempered me and yielded this approach, and I remain convinced that it is the right one.

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Red talks about you, some guy called Maxx, and Viktor immediately when the opportunity presents itself. He also silences anyone who disagrees with his crappy views.

A few months back, he banned me from my friend’s group chat because I happened to mention that his group chat was catering to Furry Raider scumbags. I eventually rejoined, but this ended up not being a good choice for me. Red practically drags all of this drama on until it becomes incoherent and obnoxious.

Your decision was justified, and I’m happy that you made it sooner than later.