Milo Yiannopolous and his Connection with Furry Sex Pest Lee "Foxler" Miller

Most people in dissident circles of the right are by now at least vaguely familiar with the fact that Milo Yiannopolous has been trying to crash a furry convention, or has befriended the furries, or as adopted a fursona, or some such.

That the Furry community has serious problems with beastiality and pedophilia is probably not new to many. While I have a lot of sympathy for Milo after he was dumped and thrown under the bus by the conservative “movement” as the Joe Rogan podcast clips were released, Milo himself needs to work on some stuff.

Milo’s foray into the furry fandom isn’t helping. The furry group that Milo has aligned himself with, the Furry Raiders, is lead by a Foxler Nightfire, a man who is currently out on bond after being arrested for Child Enticement. The group itself is also a hotbed for beastiality, with two prominent admins as zoophiles.

Foxler, leader of the Furry Raiders, bragging about cyber sex RP with a 13 year old

Furry Raider admin Scorch, a zoophile.

Foxler apparently hasn’t learned from his past mistakes, either, because just earlier this year he was arrested on (felony) charges of child enticement.

Why is Milo hanging out with pedophiles, in a group where at least two admins are zoophiles?

I say this because the conservative movement is trying to shove Milo (no pun intended) back into the ranks of the edgy internet. Just recently Milo turned his channel icon into a Groyper. He has also been cosying up to the Daily Groyper.

Milo does not belong on the dissident right. He does not belong in the Groyper crowd. His only goal is to do to this movement what he did to Nick Monroe’s chatroom (look that one up at your leisure). Worst of all, however, is this: When you court Milo Yiannopolous, you also bring in Foxler Nightfire and his zoophile-ridden group, the Furry Raiders.

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