Meet the Minnesota Furry Who Threatened To Blow Up the Freaking Supreme Court

Well, wow. Not that any of us are surprised I’m sure, but a Minneapolis-area furry just threatened to suicide blow up the Supreme Court in the wake of the Rowe v. Wade hearing. Andy Ngo picked this up first.

In this Tweet, Oriental Heart, who goes by an alias of ‘Corvynn Carstensen’ (don’t think it’s her real name), said the threat was not an empty one, but a promise. Corvynn looks to be a furry girl who is “transitioning” into a man, hence the Twitter moniker of “wannabee twink.”

Have a look at some of the pics from her instagram account, which is archived below.

She has left a few sites showing off art of her fursona and various other pieces of furry art, her fursona name seems to be ‘OrientalSpade.’

We’ll see what comes of her threats to commit suicide in a blaze of glory at the Supreme Court. I highly doubt she is serious about any of it, but scrolling through her Twitter reveals she has talked about committing suicide at least a couple times, which is sad. Hopefully she grows out of this phase and stops this stuff.