Meet the AWOO Board Member Who "Went Around" Charity 501 Laws

"We went around charity laws*

Have you heard the leaked board meeting of the AWOO Association dismissal of Foxglove? If you have, ‘whew.’ It was a doozy.

With some of the more scandalous revelations about PeaceWolf and her own admissions early on in the call, many seem to have understandably overlooked the fact that a majority of board members “went around” established corporate bylaws and 501©(3) laws to move the whole of AWOO’s financial assets without consulting the board.

I have a feeling this is going to be a much greater effect on FreeFurAll than PeaceWolf’s extra-marital actions that night, scandalous as those may be.

Go ahead and listen for yourself to the leaked board meeting. Whoever compiled this, they lay out the case for the illegal activities of several board members in violating 501©(3) charity laws. Specifically, listen to the exchange between 6:52 and 8:15, and wait for the board member “Lakoda” to flat out admit that he was the one who moved the assets by “going around” the company bylaws when he said:

"Yes, we have discussed (moving the AWOO bank account without calling an official board meeting) and, as a majority, agreed that was fine. (…) It was a discussion that was brought up, and we went around.

Who are these board members, exactly? Well, their identities are plain to see in the Certificates of Registration kept by the Oklahoma Secretary of State. The link is provided at the bottom of this article.

Chandler Beeman
The directors are not anonymous entities. Chandler Beeman is the name of the guy who illegally moved the funds.That’s Lakoda.

Anyone who has been to FreeFurAll should recognize this face as Lakoda. It’s him.

There’s a lot of places in the Furry Fandom where you can do immoral, abusive and illgal things, where most furries will just shrug their shoulders, keep buying stuff and keep attending. This little corner of the furry fandom is not one of them. Christian and Conservative furries as a whole got up and walked out on FreeFurAll when evidence came out that something rotten was happening.

Their hunch was right. The fact that this community got up wholesale and walked out on FreeFurAll should be celebrated, not looked down on or laughed at. People who walked out early on this con deserve a pat on the back for not only being right but also for having moral fortitude that most of this fandom sorely lacks.

If you’re one of those people? You did the right thing.