Kritzsie : Furry Zoophile With Long, Sick History

This is a quick Beware thread that I will expand if new info comes in.

Meet Kritzsie, A UK-based zoophile who runs the Furry Sanctuary telegram. (And no, after doing some investigation, this is not the same “furry sanctuary” that doubles over as the Furry Raiders’ secret zoophile chat. This is an entirely different chat.)

Allegedly, this Zoophile lives in Wembley. Notice the zoophile logo in his name.

This one has his Discord contact: @Kritzsie#2335

Photo editing_Cloud20201017

Above is his “private” Telegram contact. Definitely don’t contact him here…

Kritzsie was also busted in a Zoophile chat called “Beastialvision,” a chat which I will soon be publishing the larger membership list of, by the way.

Below is a Discord temper tantrum he had with a furry who got him kicked out of a group for being an animal rapist.


If you have any other info on Kritzsie, please contact me at @LenGilbert on Telegram. I have heard several other fanning things about this guy, but have not been able to put fact to many of the rumors. Screenshots of the “furry Sanctuary” chat would be especially helpful, including membership lists. Your information may help me expand this thread. Thanks.

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Jesus how horrifying.