Kritzsie: "Don't Tell Them You're Thirteen."


I am grateful to everyone who reaches out to me and shares their experience with some of the worst abusers of the so-called “fandom.” As is so often the case, when I first open a thread on some of these people, whether it be for zoophilia, pedophilia or just plain psycho violent behavior on a specific person, others come out and share their own experience.

Such is the case today, with yet another victim of the now-notorious zoophile Kritzsie. Apparently, a person as young as thirteen came into one of Kritzsie’s nsfw chats, and after this person got booted, Kritzsie advised that, going forward, he should lie about his age and not say he is thirteen.

This person has since left the “fandom,” thankfully for him. He does not have the telegram logs of his chat anymore. All he has is screen shots. If that’s a deal-breaker for you to believe, then so be it. Personally, I still believe this account.

Editors note: You may have noticed a group chat which I thought Kritzsie was talking about. Turns out that was an unrelated group chat. Therefore, I removed it from the article.