How you can help


So, Dissident Furs is getting a good amount of traffic, and more than I expected at such an early stage of its life. Our goal here is to expose particularly the beastaility, zoophilia and pedophilia that is being cultivated and organized in the furry fandom. Everything else comes second to that.

I’ve gotten a couple questions from folks who are interested in helping in this task. Here are some ways that you can help this project.

  • Register and create an account here, post regularly.

  • Register here and post your own threads. DM me first before it gets put up. I will have to be the ‘editor in chief’ of this board for the time being.

  • Spread links. My main avenue of spreading links is in the various Telegram bunkers of dissidence that dot the furry fandom. There are probably quite a few I don’t know about. Drop links of my articles in there. Try to spread links on Twitter as well. (Note: Do NOT spread links on Furry Amino or Fur Affinity as you will be likely to get banned there for doing so. Stick with Twitter and Telegram.)

  • Sign up to my alert channel on Telegram! And, specifically, when you want to spread a link to my article, first try to forward the message from my Telegram channel. That will bring more people to the channel and improve our reach. It can be found here.

  • Keep in touch with me on Telegram @LenGilbert. I am only one guy. I can’t possibly know everything that is going on and I rely on a legacy network of folks to feed me information about what is going on and where. I always need help in this. If you know of something going on, assume that I do not! I want to help!

Thank you very much for your interest. Dealing with the homosexual grooming rings and the zoophilia in this “fandom” feels like a momentus task. I’m up to it and I hope that you are as well.

Hals und Beinbruch