Fuzzbutts Furry Art Review 5/8/20

Commission by LokiStormclaw. Very twinkish and nice work. If you want the twinky look you know where to go.

Back to the Future part by @Trebuxet. His love for the natural female figure shines through in all the art he does. That’s why I love this artist.

@AnnaKlava is doing furry commissions, and she really looks like a top notch furry artist

Wow fuck you Sisk! Just kidding. Yours truly very much enjoys flirtatious fan art. Don’t do too much or I might have to come up there and put your boyfriend Carcinogen to shame.

Really digging Zooptoon’s playful yet biting satirical style. The facial expressions are just Monty Python funny…

Welp, if you’re looking for cute con badges, you can’t go wrong with Violet_Cross18.

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If you’re on Telegram be sure to check out our Twinky chat