Furry Weekend Atlanta Hosts Magnet for Groomers

Furry Weekend Atlanta, the convention that once promoted registered child molester Growly front-and-center in its annual group picture, is hosting an “after dark” event for furries with child-aged fursonas. This so-called ‘Babyfur Panel’ is slated as an ‘18+ event’ to be held one of the hotels of the Marriott corp. This is another example of how prominent furries use little-known nomenclature to hold sexually-charged events for pedophiles and zoophiles in otherwise respectable spaces.

That which you were too afraid to ask

So, what exactly is going on at this Babyfur Panel? And, if you’re a normie, what exactly is a Babyfur? Well, a Babyfur simply means a furry whose fursona is at a childlike age, typically a toddler or pre-adolescent. Most of the time, in my experience, the people behind these fursonas are 20-30-40-something adult males who are trying to relive their early childhoods. Typically most of them were sexually abused at a young age and the Babyfur thing is a coping mechanism for that.

That’s all well and good. On a personal level, I have gotten to know quite a few ‘babyfurs’ over the last few years. Most of them are sweet hearts, if somewhat unstable and badly bruised by life’s events. And, in fact, most ‘Babyfur’ convention panels are uneventful: Babyfurs meet, chat a bit and color in their coloring books.

This, however, seems to be anything but a coloring book session, but rather a sexually-charged event where pedophiles can network and talk about sick crap.

They’re missing the point

What exactly will happen at this “Babyfur 18+ event,” we don’t exactly know, but it will likely either involve “cub porn,” which is cartoon-simulated sex involving prepubescent furry characters, legal because no actual people are depicted, or some kind of chat or support group where perverts can talk about sexual fantasies of child-age characters.

No real kids will be involved in an event like this, but that isn’t really the point. Any kind of sexual panel involving toddler and prepubescent characters is an obvious gathering place for pedophiles, and it has zero business gathering in a brand-name hotel where real families are actually staying. I don’t give a crap what time of night they hold their event.

People need to be vigilant, and people both going to Furry Weekend Atlanta, as well as the management of Marriott hotels in Atlanta, seriously need to look into and monitor events like this and provide us with more public information. The people running this convention do NOT deserve the benefit of the doubt.