Furry Weekend Atlanta: Destroyed Hotel Elevators, Drugged Drinks

Furry Weekend Atlanta, you might remember, was the event that put convicted child molester Growly front and center in their promotion picture in 2019. After a two-year lockdown, this convention recently came back online in 2022 and was a disaster in magnitudes greater, including an “after dark” panel about sexualized babyfurs, drugged drinks at room parties, paramedics called in, and one of the hotel elevators being completely destroyed.

Drugged Drinks

There were at least two instances, that we know of, where drinks were drugged at room parties in the Marriott. Presumably someone was trying to pull off some date rape, and as usual, victims were more apt to talk about it on Twitter than file an actual police report to get anyone in trouble. These tweets are archived in the article.

Ripped out Elevator console

The Marriott must have loved this. One of the con attendees ripped the console out of the elevator, rendering the car completely useless for the evening. I tried contacting the Marriott to get more detail over this incidence and got no response. Tweet source for these pictures is archived on the bottom.

"After Dark" babyfur event

As I mentioned in an earlier article, local perverts decided to hold a sexually chargerd “after dark” event for furries with child-aged fursonas. Putting an event like this in a family hotel is asking for trouble, which Marriott apparently seemed happy to oblige. This was talked about at greater length in the article below.

The responsible parties for this event are listed in their advertisement.