Furry Raider Admin Threatens to file fake police report on Len


Although Foxlers Child Enticement charge, as of today, has been dismissed by the DA, the drama surrounding Foxlers underage sexcapades continues. There will be more updates coming from this site.

Arizona-based furry raider, typically known as either Sagerun or ‘Bored Red Panda,’ threatened the author of this website with false Enticement charges unless I stop mentioning Foxler’s case in other Telegram chat rooms.

I have been holding back on this for awhile, partly due to this person’s role in the Furry Raiders and how close he was to an alleged victim of Foxlers “wilder” days back at RMFC. More on that in the future. Today, this is what I am able to show.

I will upload the entirety of this conversation, not because I find it particularly interesting, but to give the full context of the conversation.

Context: At this time, many Furry Raiders were running PR for Foxler. That is not the case today, as Foxlers remaining sycophants have taken to hiding out as much as he has. Here, a couple flunkies are claiming the arrest was a fake report from Dogpatch. Nope.

(Click to enlarge.)

Here, ‘Mikhail,’ who is now an ex furry Raider and has since come to some semblance of sanity, implies that it was me who filed the police report on Foxler. Which is absurd and retarded.

Here, Nicholas Leonard, formerly NikoLinni and now also an ex-Raider, is rather confused about how arrests and charges work.

"Raider Business

And there it is. This idiot got promptly kicked from that chat for his threats. To say this person is a ‘troubled’ individual would be an understatement. Sage became particularly close to Foxler in 2019 and apparently either lived with Foxler or “visited” him at that time, depending upon who you want to believe. Shutting people up who make Foxler look bad is ‘Raider Business.’