Fur Affinity owner Dragoneer can’t pay rent. Begging for money


Fur Affinity’s owner, which was recently dumped by IMVU, is now begging for rent money on Twitter.

As you can see, this pathetic sack of shit just two years ago was laughing at Milo Yiannopolous for being broke yet participating in the furry fandom. Here he is today begging for other people to pay the bill for a roof over his head while he still owns Fur Affinity.

I empathize with anyone who is struggling to pay bills, but not this popufur asshole, entitled beltway sociopath who has been laughing at peoples misfortune for over two years.

As a furry I have a job

And I use the money to by a car and a camper to live it and pay 600 on a lot

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