Foxler's Court Docs

This will be a mirror of the former Foxler thread at As Foxler’s case goes on, I will add ONLY to this thread.

Foxler had an arraignment on June 19th. Typically this is where the Defendent is read the charges and makes a plea; guilty or not. The arraignment was postponed to July 19th as per documents found on LexisNexis.

The “continuation” was most likely given so that the defense could obtain more evidence. I do not expect these delays to happen again.

As the trial progresses I will continue to post court documents and analysis, just because Foxler continues to lie to his followers and mislead them into thinking the case has been dropped. It hasn’t.

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LATEST Foxler update

Foxler update:

This thing is going to trial. Foxler’s lawyer managed to vacate a motion hearing, which could mean one of many things. It is impossible to know by simply looking at the schedule. One thing we do know, however, is that this thing is going to a full jury trial. Foxler in his infinite stupidity has refused any plea deals.

Personally, I don’t see a jury finding this guy innocent. Trial is on December 4th.

Major update to Foxler’s court case.

Foxler’s defense attorney, Richard J. Korecki, has passed away. Looking at the documents, I believe this has caused some kind of change in the case. Foxler has since found a new attorney, Jonathan “Walker” Prichard.

Korecki deceased:

Perhaps as a result of this, or perhaps due to his new attorney’s direction, Foxler has withdrawn his innocent plea. I am not sure exactly what this might mean, but the most obvious explanation is that he is going to instead plea No Contest or Guilty in order to avoid jail time.

Here is the update in the Denver County system

Update: Foxler’s trial has been vacated again. As you can see, the not guilty plea is still withdrawn. I suspect this MIGHT have something to do with his previous lawyer’s passing. We will know more in four days when the parties have another pre-trial conference.

Foxler makes second plea after his lawyer dies.

Update, Denver DA adds two counts of sexual assault on a child to charges against Foxler.

He could be in really deep shit. RIP Foxler