Dogpatch blows up at SaveOurSisk grooming group

It’s about time. Dogpatch has turned on convicted pedophile Sisk and the child-grooming allied group shilling for Sisk. A few months ago, Dogpatch decided that Sisk had himself to blame for violating parole, and was disgusted by SaveOurSisk’s smearing of the 16 year old victim associated in the case. Patch went on to retract his fluff piece on SaveOurSisk and bravely put out an article highlighting the ugly truth about the pedophile popufur.

Article here:

“I’m out!” … Dogpatch denounces SaveOurSisk calling underage accuser a ‘slut.’

Dogpatch points out that Sisk is back in jail for violating his parole. Like an idiot. ‘Fennergy’ later goes on to call this a ‘human rights abuse.’

SaveOurSisk members, including UK based paramedic ‘Fennergy’ and CarcinLoring, have thrown a gigantic fit, including, allegedly, threats of violence against Patch.

Prison for flagrantly violating parole terms (after pleading guilty for molesting a minor) is now a “human rights violation” according to 'Fennergy.

Dogpatch here claims that the SaveOurSisk people were threatening to beat his scrawny ass. I wish Patch would have shared these threats, but we already know that CarcinLoring does threaten people who speak out against convicted pedophile Sisk. Here is one example of such.

Carcin makes thinly veiled threat against the loveable pudgewuff himself

Then, of course, was the incident of nudes being sent to minors on what was the SaveOurSisk main Discord server, to which AarkDragon tried to keep law enforcement out and cover up.

The head of a group advocating for a convicted pedophile, adminning a server that has incidences of grooming minors. Shocking

The SaveOurSisk people; Carcin, Fennergy and Aark, are making all kinds of violent threats, run a highly suspicious Discord server, and are actively involved in smearing the sixteen year old victim of Sisk.

Dogpatch is done with them. He has had it. Now the sycophants are after him. And that’s the bottom line (because Stone Cold said so).

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