Despite legal troubles, Foxler still hanging around 15 year olds


Just in case there was any ambiguity in the intentions of Lee A. Miller, here he is, as recently as this week, fraternizing with yet another fifteen year old boy. Exactly the age of the alleged victim for which Miller is currently on trial for sexual assault and enticement of a child.

Foxler talking to a fourteen year old member of the Furry Raiders. Fourteen.

This is his fifteenth birthday.

Obviously Foxler has already been grooming this boy, judging from his background picture.

Aaand look who is following this fifteen year old. Both foxler AND the main Furry Raider account

This info should be forwarded to the Denver DA on his case. I doubt this boy’s father would be happy to know the 30+ year old company that has come into his son’s life. Enough is enough.

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Foxler dick riders are trying to excuse him on this, and Raider admins apparently kicked Skoda out and are ready to pretend he was never there.

Nope. Foxler knew the boy’s age and let him into the Raiders hoping that nobody would notice. Here is proof.