Deep Dive into Deo's Dumb Lawsuit

Deo Seattle

As I mentioned in a previous article, Jenna Kinyon, known in the furry fandom as Deo the Tasmanian Devil, has joined a class action lawsuit against the Seattle Police department for alleged police brutality during the CHAZ/CHOP insurrection, which she was apparently a part of. This article analyzes Deo’s legal complaint and how ridiculous it is.

To provide some background, in 2014 the City of Seattle entered into a Consent Decree, which is a courtroom promise to do certain things without admission of guilt, with the Department of Justice. The settlement required “significant reforms” in use of force and de-escalation from the Seattle Police.

The complaint of this class-action lawsuit alleges that because Seattle allegedly did not abide by these reforms, and allegedly violated its own police force manual, that the City of Seattle is responsible for all kinds of damages, and also required to expunge the arrest record of Deo and a dozen others.

The clownish joke of a complaint includes statements like “white supremacy is a public health crisis,” as well as a glowing tribute to the CHAZ/CHOP insurrection, which Deo was no doubt a part of.

Of course, the CHAZ/CHOP insurrection was inherently violent, and included not only forcefully removing the police presence from six city blocks in downtown Seattle, but also resulted in the death of one person because of people such as Deo who were blocking the ambulances. That in and of itself is an escalation, and should otherwise be proof that these ‘people’ were anything but peaceful, but I digress.

Deo’s portion


Deo’s portion of the lawsuit opens with this claim, which I personally find hard to believe given Deo’s past actions in protests. I know I’ve posted this screencap before, but it bears repeating every single time this compulsive liar claims to be “peaceful,” so let’s go over it one more time.

Here is Deo admitting to carrying out violence at rallies exactly like this, and indeed advising others at how to get away with similar violence. Jenna is typically a ‘peaceful’ protestor.


Here Deo claims that she was hit with a rubber bullet ‘without provocation.’ It will be interesting to see what kind of proof they have ‘no provocation,’ if any. Considering the political violence that Kinyon has bragged about in the past, with her near incessant doxing and agitation which she has participated in online, if things ever came to a “he said, she said” situation, needless to say any police officer’s account of things would carry more weight than a claim from Jenna Kinyon.


The lulsuit claims Deo’s “constitutional rights” were violated, despite this area of Seattle being under a curfew which she failed to obey. Despite the “protest” she was a part of illegally blocking public ways without a permit. Despite being just a couple blocks away from what would become CHAZ/CHOP. These are just a few things off the bat that would authorize police to use force to disperse these crowds.


So Deo was a part of CHOP. Lol!

Not a huge surprise, really, but listening to Deo on a bullhorn makes me feel sorry for anyone else there. But seriously, Kinyon was part of a protest that violently removed police and civil authorities. Why she and these idiot lawyers believe that the First Amendment protects actions like this is beyond me.


Oh nice try. The fact that these people simply were on Capital Hill, occupying the public ways and blocking civil authorities from entering IS THE PROVOCATION.


I’ll take ‘things that never happened,’ for 500, Alex.


How the heck does a person get knocked unconscious by someone grabbing one by the shirt collar and yanking them behind a police line? Typically being knocked unconscious involves a head trauma. This story doesn’t add up.

I’ve heard here and there that Deo has had head problems from previous injuries. Might that have played a factor in her being knocked unconscious here? Very possibly. Is grabbing someone by the collar and pulling them behind a police line somehow against the SPD’s manual? I doubt it.

Deo Medical Treatment

The lawyers who wrote this up are so unprofessional. Deo was apparently “on the verge of” vomiting. How can they even put this immaterial crap in a legal complaint? To say Deo was “on the verge of” vomiting is a subjective statement. Did she actually vomit? Nope.

Did she communicate with the medics that she was “on the verge of vomiting?” Since it was not written in the complaint, we can assume she did not communicate it. If she did not tell the medics she was “on the verge of vomiting,” then why would she be entitled to ‘further medical treatment?’ And if she did communicate this, then these lawyers are incompetent idiots for not including this in the complaint.

Oh, and another thing, what “head injury” are these lawyers referring to? The ‘head injury’ Deo allegedly sustained when a police officer grabbed her by the collar? This makes no sense.

Deo Released

Welp, there it is. The George Soros-appointed King County DA dropped the charges and Deo was released. Many such cases. The charge of “obstructing a police officer” does not at all jive with the account of Deo just peacefully jamming out in a drum circle the entire time. Personally, I believe the Seattle PD when they say that Jenna was obstructing the officers. I wonder what she was actually doing. If this case gets any further we may just find out.

Deo Constitutional Rights

I don’t doubt for a moment that Deo was knocked unconscious, but I suspect this comes not from any direct head trauma from the Seattle PD (even this complaint tacitly acknowledges there was none), but instead from previous head issues she has had.

Deo’s allegation that her constitutional rights were infringed upon is also laughable. This “protest” was blocking the public ways, yet had no permit. Others in this crowd, perhaps including Deo or perhaps not, literally drove the police out of six city blocks. The police are constitutionally allowed to disperse crowds in situations like this.

Hopefully this lulsuit goes nowhere, and Deo should be ashamed of herself for even throwing this shit against the wall, although I’m sure she isn’t. Seattle does have many corrupt liberal and Marxist judges, however, so we’ll see what happens.