David Leroy Ross, disgraced furry pretending to be Len Gilbert


I would rather have just forgotten about David Leroy Ross, aka Connor Goodwolf, but unfortunately he has decided to impersonate me on various Furry telegram groups, spamming women with beastiality requests under a fake name which lead people to believe it was actually me making the request.

This account here suddenly showed up in a regional Telegram furchat. It’s not me.

Within hours it sent this request to an admin of that chat group.

Not long after that, I got this message from the admin of that chat.


The intent

Basically, David was butthurt. He got banned from this fur group, as he has been banned from innumberable other groups in the past (including Anthrocon). The next day, @RealLenGilbert joined the same chat and harassed the admin that banned David.

"Ban Len reeeeee"

When David didn’t get what he wanted, he started pretending to be me and harassed people with requests to have sex with their dog. Stay classy, David. You’re a hair’s breadth of violating the cyber impersonation laws in Ohio.

There can only be one Len.