Daniel Llamas / Growly / Tora / AlmightyTora Thread

This is the thread to put in all news on convicted pedophile member of the furry community Growly, aka Tora.

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Update: Growly’s preliminary hearing for being busted with child pornography will be on November 6th at the Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

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Update to the Growly thread. We have reason to believe that he was removed from 2019 AZFC by security. More updates later.


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Growly just pled “no contest” on charges of possession of child pornography. His ass is going back to jail.

“I’m innocent guys, I just took the plea because I got railroaded! I didn’t do it!”

This is another message from Growly’s locked account. This California pedo fuck literally thinks people are going to listen to his bullshit about this. Yes, you pedo, you pled no contest for the same everyone else does, because the state had a good case against you and you would have been found guilty.

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Growly is having an “everything must go” garage sale. Quite possibly to pay for the extensive lawyers fees for getting caught with child pornography.


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Update: Growly punked out of MFF, and Marriott is “investigating” his continued presence at FWA.

New update, growlys disgusting murrsuit