COVID Kills Dragoneer's Convention For Good


Corona Virus has shut down FA United, the Furry convention tied to platform site Fur Affinity, for good. Dragoneer, the controversy-marred admin of Fur Affinity, had the following to say about it:

FA United had been a fairly insignificant event in the furry convention circuit, and had long since been supplanted by Anthrocon, which happened at roughly the same season just a few hundred miles away. Still, this is pretty big news, as it marks the first major furry convention to be permanently shuttered due to corona. Most other conventions, at this time, are delaying their events or holding them ‘virtually.’

Given the fact that the biggest conventions are all held in ‘blue’ states, Corona-chan has effectively put the entire furry fandom on hold. I expect to see several more conventions go under. FAU was one of the weakest links in the chain, but nevertheless, I expect more.

As for Dragonner himself, he has a long history of doing unethical and controversial things in the fandom, perhaps the biggest one being his long-standing love of ‘cub’ porn.

The above image is one of the most charitable of his cub porn commissions, and there are several others floating around out there which are much worse. Those interested in Dragoneer’s disturbing past in the fandom may look at other sites, as there are many people better than me who have documented all of that. For now, it is a positive development to see a ‘cub’ enthusiast such as Dragoneer lose his convention.

Stay tuned for more updates and alerts on what’s going on.