Corgi Events Dissolving, CEO Corey Wood sued by Wisconsin: The Basics


The drama surrounding Corgi Events, DenFur and CEO Corey Wood has confused the heck out of a lot of normal people who don’t have time to follow every development. I notice that many of you have chalked it up to furry scammers using a con to scam people out of more money.

While this is certainly true, Mr. Wood and his sycophants, of which there are still many, are taking advantage of people not being well versed on this in order to spin, obfuscate and flat out lie about what is really going on. This article intends to give furries and normies the basic information about what is going on with Corgi Events, the lawsuit levied by the State of Wisconsin, the dissolution of the LLC and Mr. Wood’s declaring bankruptcy. What’s going on is pretty serious, and in my opinion, Mr. Wood is trying to lie, cheat and steal his way out of this.

Corgi Events LLC is dissolving

Basically, Corgi Events LLC is going bye-bye. Mr. Wood is trying to transfer those assets to another ‘non-profit’ company in which he will not be a board member, but will be an amorphous “agent of the board.” Whatever that means. The assets of Corgi Events, most importantly of which are apparently the Eventbrite revenues gotten from those who have pre-booked, will also be transferred to the non-profit. How much will actually get there is anyone’s guess, and I have reason to believe that Mr. Wood already has his hand in that pot, because we were warned by a disgruntled staff member weeks before Mr. Wood declared the dissolution that he would steal the money. Have a look at the supporting documentation.

Treble’s sycophants are trying to spin the situation

Before this announcement was made, a disgruntled DenFur staffer who worked the Dealers Den, in my opinion it was Boilerroo, sent out this mass e-mail before quitting.

The claims in this e-mail have also been supported by subsequent developments, where many furries who demand a refund for DenFur and upcoming conventions are simply getting blocked and ignored by Treble.

Mr. Wood is being sued for back taxes and is declaring personal bankruptcy

At the same time, Mr. Wood is being sued by the State of Wisconsin for owing back taxes.

Wisconsin Corgi Lawsuit

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It would seem Mr. Wood owes Wisconsin a lot of money in unpaid taxes. And, at the same time, Mr Wood personally plans on filing bankruptcy! The obvious conclusion a reasonable person would come to is that Mr. Wood is filing bankruptcy to avoid paying all those back taxes.

Also, given Mr. Wood’s previous improprieties, the accusations of staff members, and the sudden dissolution of Corgi Events, I would not rule out the possibility that Mr. Wood is dipping his hand into the monies of Corgi Events for his own personal gain.

For reference, have a look at some of the previous run ins cons have had with Mr. Wood, and notice the pattern.