Confirmed: David "Connor Goodwolf" Leroy Ross Jr. Groomed and Abused Girl Starting at age Fifteen

Back on July 2020, I wrote an article on David Leroy Ross Jr, otherwise known as “Connor Goodwolf” or ‘Mandar the Divorce Attorney’ on Twitter. I concluded my article with this.

David goes through great pains in trying to paint himself as some kind of popular, upstanding citizen of the furry “fandom.” Not so. This guy got himself banned from Anthrocon, and several meetups in Ohio and Pennsylvania due to creepy crap like this. With any luck, people will continue talking to each other about this guy.

In February 2023, someone in the Furry Fandom, from David’s life reached out to me to tell about the abuses and grooming that I had suspected Mr. Ross of doing. Not only did this person confirm my suspicions, he went even further, and asked me to expose what was going on. Today I intend to do that.

To those unfamiliar with Connor Goodwolf, he typically harasses and attacks prominent non-woke furries with occasional death threats, blackmail and impersonation through a myriad of fake accounts. His long story of abuse and sadism, I have done my best to chronicle on this site. Have a read on it here, if you haven’t already:

Connor’s Main Victim, AMP Goodwolf

The person who contacted me to provide more detail and evidence on Ross Jr’s past abuses was AMP Goodwolf, who was featured on one of my previous articles as a possible vitime of Ross’ grooming. In this article, I would like to tell you some of his (formerly her) story, and add this evidence to the wide body of documented abuse done at the hands of David.


Before we go any further, some of the more skeptical will want me to prove that this was the actual AMP Goodwolf I was speaking to. He went on to prove his identity by giving me several other pictures of him on a bus trip that I showed in the original article. Here are some of those.

The original picture shown in a previous article. AMP identified the guy in the front as ‘Jeeves.’ It’s not Connor Goodwolf.

Here are two other photos from the same trip, photos that AMP recently showed me. This IS ‘Amp Goodwolf.’

Onto the story



This confirms a lot of things. Note in the original article how Connor talked about offering to take minors to “nudist camps” he went to. This might have been a direct reference to just that. Clearly he was grooming AMP from age fifteen. All the signs are right here.


No need for comment here, really. Nobody needs for me to say that Conner/Mandar is completely devoid of any empathy for other people when this story illustrates it so well.

No comment on this is needed.

An account of the incident by an anonymous friend

Some other more recent photos of Ross that were provided to me. Allegedly, AMP scratched at David’s face to get away upon their first meeting, giving him a scar that he has to this day.