Another Furry Raider Arrested for endangering children

Busted again. Lupinewolfe, a long time Furry Raider and associate of Foxlers friend TuskynWolf, was busted earlier this year on endangering the welfare of a child.

He is indeed a Furry Raider.

Interestingly, Lupin is rather good friends with Tuskyn, the notorious zoophile implicated in the Zoosadism Leaks right along with Kero the Wolf. More on Tuskyn/WolfyDNA in this thread, which I hope to add to later:

Len’s take

A distinct web of pedophiles and zoophiles could be coming into view here. Foxlers reaching out to Kero the Wolf in late 2018 makes more sense with Kero’s co conspirator Tuskyn in the Furry Raiders. In addition, Matthew See’s close relationship with Tuskyn, and his subsequent membership in the Raiders, makes things even more circumspect. That’s not even mentioning the exposure by the Zoosadist Links.

There are other possible connections to the now deceased, and very disgraced RC Fox, who was a close friend to at least one current Furry Raider admin.

To sum up, that’s at least three pedophiles or zoophiles in the Raiders, the reaching out to Kero, another exposed Zoophile, and multiple possible connections to RC Fox, who was arrested for possession of CP and later killed himself.

Hopefully more of that gets uncovered later. For now, it’s one more Furry Raider busted for perving on the underage.

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