A 'Tone Change' For This Website

I am rewriting many of my articles, particularly the older ones. This has been a long time coming. After taking a several month long hiatus in 2021, I came back and continued my work on Dissident Furs of exposing fandom pedophiles, zoophiles and others threatening violence. What I did not notice is that, with time, my language gradually moderated.

One morning earlier this year I was sitting at a Waffle House in Louisiana, drinking their bottomless coffee and reading through some of my older articles. To be quite honest, those articles made me cringe. It was as if I was reading something written by a different person. It definitely wasn’t the work that I would want reflecting on me in real life, and unfortunately for me, that was exactly what it was doing.

On a personal note, I think I act out in anger more than I should, and as I thumbed through some of my articles, particularly those written in 2020 and earlier, I can see that I was doing so a lot.

But anyway, I am going through my articles and re-writing some. A few, I am just going to delete because they are embarrassing. I briefly considered just deleting this entire site, but after thinking about it for a few days, came to realize that Dissident Furs actually does a lot of good work in holding the receipts of abusive peoples’ actions, while cutting through the clutter that many other websites with the same objective put forward.

In so many words: I’m just trying to be better.